Monday, June 11, 2007

He works hard for his money!

Not much to report on. Work is boring but busy enough obviously because I haven't been able to surf and find interesting things to talk about. Or perhaps it's been a slow week in terms of procrastination and idling thoughts.

There was a water salesman who came in this morning. He had so much gusto and umpgh! He was pitching in the boss's office and from out here I can hear and "feel" that the water system he represents is the bestest damned water system in the world. I still felt sorry for him though. People in general now are just immune to hardcore sales pitches. We can easily turn a blind eye/deaf ear nowadays. It definitely takes a certain amount of talent and charm to be a good salesman. There are too many of them, pushed out into the world with nothing but a pamphlet and a promise of commissions, to do a job they are bound to fail at. It's a sad depressing world but kudos to him for trying so hard.

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