Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Blame Game

I just gotta say and it will be redundant as ever. The blame game is NOT fun for anybody, especially if you're on the shit end of the stick. Why is it that we always feel the need to blame someone else just because our day's gone bad? Or by some stroke of bad luck things did not go the right way? EVEN if that's piled on top of a very bad day, a regular old hissy fit, being grouchy, all that is fine and dandy. It's only normal. We are human. Why dear god why do we have to start firing guns at everybody that crosses our paths? Not just to dump on them because we know that's unjustified, so we hafta dig for reasons even if they are not logical.

I usually just end up crying either way but I guess that ain't healthy either. Fuck man...high EQ people (myself included) are just...arrrrrrrrggg!!!

Well that's it. I might as well be dead now. As a result of fearing getting yelled at for no reason, I avoided doing something which turned out to worsen another unrelated situation and now I will be blamed for all that as well. So fine, I deserve it. Somebody just kill me now.

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