Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The answer to yesterday

The answer is you do nothing drastic. You talk to your guy even if you are afraid to. He might be offended but try to keep calm and NOT be crazy. I am not sure how well I did that, probably not the greatest knowing my history but don't yell, don't explode on him coz he had a hard day too. If you are lucky, he might reassure you in some fashion. Either way it has to be satisfactory and there shall be no unreasonable demands. It is not a right.

Mostly you just needed to communicate how you felt to the one that matters most and as long as you keep somewhat calm when discuss the matter, it will probably all be okay in the end.

Sometimes your mind concocts some crazy things* and even though you try your best to ignore and push it away, it just doesn't disappear. If it needs to get out, let it out in the healthiest way possible.

* For instance, a disturbing & unpleasant nightmare

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