Monday, September 17, 2007


It's been awhile since I posted here. I guess I have actually been concentrating on work for a bit since I started listening to audiobooks of The Wheel of Time series. I read through 5 and a half books of the series way back when, during the last years of highschool. Everyone was reading them, I just kind of jumped on the bandwagon. They were an enjoyable series with engaging characters but there was so much going on, especially certain side stories that were of less interest to me than others. I honestly probably skimmed through a good quarter of what I read. Listening to the first few chapters of Book 4 right now and there are some sections I don't remember at all, not that it mattered much to the overall plot progression.

The good thing about the audiobook is if I start "skimming" I can just pause it, go back a minute, 10 minutes, a few chapters or wherever and re-absorb it all. It also helps me focus on work as it plays in the background. It's quite efficient, like eavesdropping on a nearby conversation except it's not some inane banter or useless gossip! It was difficult at first to get used to the 2 voice actors. I really rejected it in the beginning and felt terrible to have their voices read what I had imagined but eventually my voice merged with theirs and they do a much better job than me in emoting the characters' dialogue.

I only wonder what I would do when I finish all 11 audiobooks. Work will return to the old days of ho-hum-dom that I dread. The onset of winter is fast approaching with bleak, dreary and grey days that barely motivates me to roll out of bed let alone get myself to work. I must find another diversion to ease me through the days. If only I had 4 arms and a remote camera sending a feed to a pair of video goggles that look like regular glasses. 2 arms to work under the table, knitting away while the camera shows me what I am knitting, my other 2 arms will type away on the computer and me, looking ever more concentrated with my new specs and all.

Where oh where is the technological future we were promised?

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