Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I quote Chris Willman in his review Linkin Park's Minutes to Midnight at Entertainment Weekly's site.

"Next time, guys, embrace your outmoded identity, throw cred or caution to the wind, and let your rap-rock freak flag fly. "

Taken out of context, it's actually a pretty good motto for life in general and the last bit just sounds funny so it's a bonus. Fly you rap rocking freak flag, FLYYY~!

To those of you actually interested in the review, it is interesting to see the complete divide of LP fans on their latest album. They are polar opposites. I've never been a LP die-hard myself but I've liked most of their singles from before. "Faint" being a favourite club anthem that just pumps you up and starts you off to one rocking night. I agree that from Meteora on, even the singles were starting to be weak and a mere rehashing of old material. When the first single "What I've Done" came out for this one, I was very disappointed. That's why the second single "Bleed It Out" completely took me by surprise and I thought I had prematurely judged them and perhaps I should make the effort to give the whole album a listen. After reading more articles, I think I'll just get the other Mike Shinoda rapping track "Hands Held High".

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