Monday, July 09, 2007

Webcomics are great

It's so easy now to have everyone and anyone see your work online. There are so many blogs, comics, so much opinion just floating around out there. Mine is quite insignificant compared to everything else but I love the idea that my thoughts here (if there was anything influential) could spark debate in others. I know there are countries who prosecute citizens for speaking their mind about their governing officials or public policies, but the internet has given us the gift of free-speech. Because of the fact that there is so much superfluous information available, everything becomes lost in the noise.

Imagine you standing on your soapbox, raving like a lunatic about something that may or may not be important, anyone walking by would think you a madman or report you to the authorities. Your presence would be detected right away. The internet allows us to hide, forces us to write semi-cohesive articles and subversively broadcast our views to the world, to anybody who looked. The trick is you have to be looking in order to find it. True, there're a lot of "questionable" material being published too and it's hard to seperate fact from fiction in a lot of cases but it's really up to the individual to validate the source, somehow, some way. If you cared enough, go to it, right? You can't blindly accept something you read, or even see with your own eyes as truth.

Anyways, enough of my ranting, this comic was the original purpose of this posting.

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