Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What's really "Green"?

Renewable Energy Wrecks Environment, According To Researcher
Science Daily — Renewable does not mean green. That is the claim of Jesse Ausubel of the Rockefeller University in New York. Writing in Inderscience's International Journal of Nuclear Governance, Economy and Ecology, Ausubel explains that building enough wind farms, damming enough rivers, and growing enough biomass to meet global energy demands will wreck the environment.

I'm not saying this guy is 100% right but it does make sense. I have to find the original article and do more research. Here's another article along those lines:

Bioenergy Could Do More Harm Than Good
Science Daily — Leading environmental groups are making an urgent plea to government not to downgrade other environmental concerns in promoting bioenergy to help tackle climate change.

Looks like it's back to the old drawing board before new policies are made based on the "green"-ness of renewable energy sources. It's about time for articles like this to surface as the US elections are coming right up and there will heated debates between the new & renewable energy supporters vs. the traditional & established energy titans.

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