Thursday, May 17, 2007

boy! it's gonna be a long day...

Not even an hour into work and I am already out of work to do. This is crazy. I knew that usually on Wednesday, the work slows down as everyone else is trying to catch up on other work while I sit on my thumb, waiting...waiting...waiting for them to get to the PR's I send out. I thought at least today (Thursday) there would be more emails to deal with in the morning. I had three emails this morning. 2 gave me a little bit of work to do, but now someone else needs to do something before I can proceed with them. The other one basically lessened my work.

*sigh* Not a thing to do. I suppose I can find something and pretend to work, but it would not lead to any productive end. My mind is becoming stale, for at least 8 hours of the day it should be learning or problem solving. Next week would be a perfect time to swtich departments, I wonder if that is going to happen. Should I initiate a talk with the powers that be, just to shake things up and make the day more interesting?

If only I had my knitting with me I could finish that shrug today and bring it to my mom's tomorrow as a gift.

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