Friday, May 18, 2007

Just like a driving record!

I have archived and filed away the past 2-3 years of this blog to an undisclosed internet location. Just like an insurance driving record, I've wiped the slate clean.

Upon consideration of simply deleting it all, I decided that it was an important part of my life that helped shape who I am today. Should I ever need to review and revisit my choices and feelings from those times, they are available to me lest I forget.

It's easy to forget the past, especially a hurtful past. I know some people would not agree. Actually, a more accurate way of seeing this is that it is not easy to forget a hurtful past but it is easy to forget the real events, reasons and choices that led up to it. Once that is forgotten, our minds will fabricate a new explanation for the scars it carries which may be far from the truth, thus leading us to do more wrong to ourselves.

If I never have look at those files again, maybe it will be a time capsule of my early 20's. Perhaps my children can see it. Although I will need some kind of encryption for it with the secret code to unlock it given to them only on my death bed. Or perhaps it will be like a diary dug up in someone's backyard. Some internet archiver of the future will find it, perhaps read it and experience the story and emotions of my life then. Either way, it was a special time, no matter what happened, a time I will cherish forever.

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