Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Quitting Time

The decision is made. I am not moving to Head Office. My non-boss does not want to let me go to A/P yet, but instead of having me work out of HO, he's moving me to his boss's new office at the newly acquired plant on Weston Rd. It's about half the distance from home to Brampton and only a little further than this temp office here. Although it is probably unneccesary to take the 407, he mentioned on his own, that they would continue paying for the transponder fees (which I haven't used since I've gone to Brampton anwyays). So now I have that option if I choose. I wouldn've liked to work at HO, get used to the environment, see if I like it but I always dread the more inconvenient drive mid-town. Distance-wise HO is no tmuch further but it would take twice the amount of time to commute there during rush hours. I hope the new plant at Weston is nice and new.

As for today, I have no more work to do, anything I need to do is in the system which is down for maintenance for at least 2 hours. I think I'll just be quitting today and come nice and early to move my stuff in the morning. Now I can do some early grocery shopping, yahoo!

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