Monday, May 28, 2007

Tossed around like an old shoe

Funny. I knew this temporary office is closing down soon but it never quite hits you how soon, especially since I was supposed to have stopped working here months ago because this very office is closing down. I've gone from refusing to work in Brampton, to going to Brampton, then refusing again to work in Brampton, finally coming back to the temp office until it shuts down, extending the term of my assignment about 4 or 5 times now. (Who knows how many times it has been?)

Finally it hits me, when the IT dude comes up to me and says, "Are you moving to head office at the end of today? Let me mark down which computer you have." I was in complete shock. If they take my computer, where would I work? I'm sure as hell not going back to Brampton after the big stink I caused, what with the salary increase and all (although that extra $225 gas allowance is pretty sweet) . I've even made arrangements to transfer to A/P to learn about that. There's been no set date for my transferral because everyone is busy and they want it done neatly through HR. My current non-boss whom I don't really report to, doesn't want to let me go because I am doing a huge chunk of his work. My real boss who I should be reporting to doesn't know what I am doing but wants to help my non-boss because it makes his own team's work run more smoothly. My soon-to-be boss would really like me down at head office but she is waiting on HR to do the negotiations with the boss of my non-boss.

So with all this bureaucracy, and the temp office shutting down by Friday, I've asked IT to keep my computer here for a few extra days to stall the process but then what? Where will I be going? What shall be my fate next week?

Without intention to brag, but if they talk as if I'm such a hot commodity, they sure drag their behinds in sorting out where I should be. Finally, reality sets in for everyone. No more waltzing into work at 9:30 or so every morning, leaving earlier than I should anymore. No more looking like a schlub at work. No more net-surfing all day long when I am bored out of my mind with no work to do because neither my boss or non-boss knows my real workload. I guess the good times are really over.

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